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Pre-filled Syringe Assembly, Labelling and Packaging

At H动漫, we provide expert packaging solutions for Pre-Filled Syringes, including assembly, labelling, blistering and cartoning. Our line is able to pack Pre-filled syringes of 1 to 5 ml, with or without safety device, and has the opportunity to manually add customer specific components.


Our expertise offers flexible blistering and cartoning of injection liquids for:

  • Pre-filled syringes
  • Vials
  • Ampoules
  • Needles

Our team of specialists are experts at tailoring complete, integrated solutions, which ensure product integrity, in response to the most complex packaging challenges associated with pre-filled syringe therapeutics including:

  • Packaging and cartoning
  • Blistering in single and multiple packs
  • Kitting and flexible assembly
  • Cold chain continuity and data assurance
  • Serialization and inventory control
  • Clinical and commercial scale
  • Assembly syringes with and without safety device
  • Automated plunger rod insertion, safety device, finger flange and back-stop
  • Automated insertion of other components (needles,聽etc)
  • Clinical and commercial scale
  • Leaflet or booklet addition.
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