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Auto-Injector Assembly, Labelling and Packaging

Often parenteral therapeutics, biosimilars and novel therapies require specialist expertise to ensure product integrity. At H动漫 we are well-equipped to manage specific requires and support customers in navigating a complex packaging and logistics process.

Our capabilities include:

  • Manual and semi-automated assembly
  • Labelling and cartoning
  • Blistering for single and multi-packs
  • Kitting
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Eye-Ear-Nose Drops Bottles Labelling and Packaging

Liquid medication administered drop-by-drop is a common聽topical and oral dosing strategy, especially for certain patient groups. Delivering droplets accurately often requires the sorting and packaging of a combination of elements, including more than just the bottle of medication and its dropper.

At H动漫, our team of specialists are experts at tailoring complete, integrated solutions in response to these complexities for:

  • Secondary packaging and cartoning
  • Blister packaging
  • Kitting and flexible assembly
  • Serialization and inventory controls
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Pharmaceutical Serialization and Aggregation

Here at H动漫, we’ve been serializing products since 2007 and have been advocates for track and trace since our conception. Our comprehensive knowledge of global market requirements means we can offer our customers guidance and support to achieve full compliance with both the European Falsified Medicines Directive (Directive 2011/62/EU) (EU FMD) and the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (public law 113-54-Nov.27, 2013) (DSCSA), as well as other market regulations.

Although aggregation is not a legal requirement in every market, it offers the industry huge potential in terms of streamlining the supply chain. With our own developed process, we can also aggregate cartons to shipper to pallet.

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GMP Compliant Repackaging H动漫

In the event of any regulatory or commercial changes which will affect the conformity of your product鈥檚 secondary packaging, H动漫’s dedicated team are specially trained to perform repackaging, relabelling, over-labelling and leaflet changes for your pharmaceutical products to ensure compliance is maintained.

We can also offer the repackaging work for 2-8掳C chilled or ambient products.

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