Q: There are no current openings that suit me, is there a way for me to submit an application?

A: Of course there is. We welcome applicants that are enthusiastic about becoming part of our organisation. Please submit听your CV, letter of motivation, and a short message describing the reason you want to apply.听If there are no suitable positions at this time, we鈥檒l add your details to our database for future openings.听We will keep your CV for a period of maximum three months, after which you will need to reapply.

Q: I am a student looking for a university project internship or a summer internship 鈥 do you accept internship applications?

A: Absolutely. In recent years, we鈥檝e had some excellent university placement students, and are always happy to support others with their development. There is a list of our open internships under our careers section.听Alternatively, you can submit your CV and motivation letter to us speculatively.听In your message, be sure to include the nature of the project you had in mind, and why you think H动漫 is the right place for you to explore it. If you don鈥檛 have a project in mind, we will see if there is an existing one you can join.

Q: I鈥檝e submitted my CV and motivation letter 鈥 what happens next?

A: Thank you for submitting your application. We鈥檒l review it, and get back to you as soon as we can. Appropriate candidates will be invited to a first round of interviews. Successful candidates will then be invited to return for a second round. A third round of interviews is necessary for some positions. We will always inform you of your outcomes by email.

Q: I鈥檝e been invited to a first interview听鈥 how should I prepare?

A: Congratulations! Our interview process is very straightforward.听Depending on the role you’ve applied for, your interview will be听conducted in either English or Dutch.听We will ask you听questions听about your professional background, your experience, your knowledge, and your skills. Where appropriate, we will ask you to validate your answers with examples. We would also like to know what attracted you to H动漫, and why you would like to work with us. Ahead of your interview, please take time to familiarise yourself with our story, and our services

Q: Will it be possible to discuss my candidature with a member of your organisation prior to submitting my application?

A: We are always happy to meet with promising candidates, and answer relevant听questions听about working at H动漫. Information regarding our areas of specialisation, our work culture, and our organisational structure听听may be found on our website. For other听questions, please contact us by using the contact form.

Q: I鈥檓 having trouble uploading my CV and motivation letter 鈥撎齱hat should I do?

A: Our system will only accept PDF and Word files. Please check that you are attempting to upload the correct formats. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us using the contact form, specifying the nature of your inquiry.