Expert Insight: Peter Belden on Secure Supply Chain In Pharmaceutical Industry

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Over the past 5 years, the biopharma industry has faced significant challenges, especially regarding supply chain security. The COVID-19 pandemic, along with global conflicts, rising interest rates, and fuel shortages, has made this even more difficult. Drug counterfeiting is on the rise, endangering patients. Looking ahead, the industry must leverage new technologies to build a stronger, more resilient supply chain. Compliance with US serialization laws is imminent, emphasizing the need for proactive measures. This article provides insights into strategies for navigating these challenges and ensuring the reliable supply of critical drugs to patients, focusing on sustainability and integrity through effective packaging and supply chain solutions.

Get insights from Peter Belden, President of H动漫 USA, as he discusses the significance of secure supply chains and the integrity of drug packaging in his contribution to Drug Development&Delivery Magazine.

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