Client onboarding form

Dear new Client,

This online form is designed to ensure that H动漫 has all necessary information to onboard you as a client in our system. Once you hit submit at the end of this form, one of our Project Managers will contact you confirming the receipt.

We need you to fill out all the information requested otherwise you won鈥檛 be able to advance to the next page. Below you will find a quick snapshot of the information we expect when you move forward from this page. We recommend gathering all necessary information before moving ahead.


  1. General Company Information
    1. Address
    2. Email
    3. Phone Number
    4. Company Registration Number
    5. VAT Number
  2. Contact Information
    1. Quality Personnel
    2. Batch documentation
    3. Artwork
    4. Master Packaging record
    5. Shipment
    6. Finance
    7. Complaints
  3. Order Management and Inbound
    1. Alternate order numbering system
    2. Sampling of finished product
    3. Inbound Bulk Documentation Required
    4. Inbound Bulk Specific Quality Checks
  4. Serialization onboarding
    1. Serialization service provider
    2. Familiarity with TraceLink
    3. Validation Protocols

Client Information

Contact Information

Order Management

Inbound Management

Serialization onboarding